7 Tips for Having Great Casual Encounters

  • More and more people are having casual sex, but how can you? This helpful guide lists 7 tips for having great casual encounters.
  • Tired of being alone? Is the global pandemic starting to drive you insane?
  • If you feel the need for physical intimacy, for great casual encounters, fear not: you’re not alone! Thousands of people are into casual sex and it’s only a matter of finding someone who fits what you want.
  • Not sure how to find people or how to guarantee a good time? We’ve got your back. Read on below for 7 crucial tips in having the best casual encounters:

1. Always Stay Prepared

  • Do you want to have the best casual encounters? To avoid getting so close only to have things shatter in front of you, always stay prepared. Have a condom ready, morning-after pills, energy supplements, ED pills, and an extra set of clothes.
  • Some people like it raw but not everyone is up for that. Your partner might step away if you don’t have a condom with you. They might lose interest if you can’t keep up through the night or if you suffer from an ED episode.
    Avoid these by following some of the most crucial casual sex tips: be ready!

2. Be Straight to the Point

  • Casual encounters are often quick and forgettable. However, you still need to set expectations. You don’t want your partner to ditch you at the last moment simply because you misunderstood each other’s boundaries.
  • To guarantee you both have fun, set up your do’s and don’ts early on.
  • Is she comfortable with anal sex or does he have issues with having sex in motels? Does she not like condoms? If she doesn’t, you’ll need to have pills with you.
  • Fetishes shouldn’t stay in the dark. Discuss things like BDSM and role-playing before diving into them right in the middle of sex. This ensures your one night together doesn’t go to waste.

3. Don’t Linger

  • One rule of thumb is to never linger. As soon as you’re done, try to keep it casual and don’t make it awkward. Don’t try to maintain communication, don’t try to get to know each other more, and don’t cuddle to keep the encounter going.
  • If you can, dress up and leave.
  • That might sound mean but it’s the best way to keep things casual. Sticking around for conversations will form intimacy, in one way or another. Sooner than later, you might ask the person for a second date and then a third.
    That’s fine if you’re both interested in forging a relationship but if you want to keep things NSA (no-strings-attached) then avoid lingering.
4. Communicate!
  • As mentioned, you’ll want to make sure you get fetishes and don’ts across early on. However, communication about what turns you on and what you don’t like doesn’t end there. You can still keep the communication going even while having sex.
  • Take a moment to listen to your partner’s moans, their grunts of pleasure, and sighs. Pay attention to how they grab you, scratch, or push and pull. You’ll quickly learn their body language and discern whether they like or hate what you’re doing.
  • If you want to have fun with your casual fun, take advantage of these soft cues. Does she moan louder when you spend time going down on her? Why not surprise a bit and go back there every now and then?
  • Don’t ignore the signs and adjust accordingly. This will guarantee both you and your partner get the most joy out of your encounter.
5. Explore and Meet
  • You have to appear sexual and active if you want to meet someone also interested in casual sex. However, you won’t meet anyone if you don’t go out. Gather the courage to explore the local bars and clubs, where most people tend to hang out for hookups.
  • Yes, it can sound cliche but people go there for a few reasons: to have fun with friends, to get drunk, and to meet someone. Bar hop enough and you’ll eventually come across someone interested in casual encounters too.
  • Walking up to someone in a bar or club can seem intimidating but it’s not rocket science. Go up to them, introduce yourself, and take time to flirt. It might not work out in your favor all the time, but that’s fine — simply keep trying!
6. Take Advantage of Dating Apps
  • Don’t know how to find sexual partners in the midst of the pandemic or because you don’t like the atmosphere of bars and clubs? Worry no further, because modern technology takes that step away and brings the thrill of meeting people right in the palm of your hands.
  • With dating apps, it’s all about finding someone who matches what you’re looking for, both physically and sexually. Take a moment to verify if the person in the photo is who they say they are. Take some time to chat and socialize a bit with the person before setting a date and time to meetup.
  • Make sure you get a dating app most people can use. This will increase the likelihood of meeting someone since more people use it. Our dating app, for example, is available for both iOS devices and Android devices alike.
7. No is No
  • These tips for casual sex can help anyone hook up but there is a golden rule you have to keep in mind at all times: no is no. If someone says no, even when they’re already in the bed with you, respect that refusal.
  • Are you roleplaying or performing BDSM acts? In that case, the word “no” might not mean anything but you have to respect the safe word. Safewords replace “no” in this case and again, you have to honor it.
Go Out and Enjoy the Best Casual Encounters Today!
  • Having great casual encounters isn’t impossible as long as you follow these 7 basic tips. Communicate, don’t linger unless you want to dive into a deeper relationship, be ready for anything, and respect boundaries. Explore or use dating apps to meet people.
  • Speaking of dating apps, we’ve got one of the most reliable ones out there. If you want to meet people right now, why not download it now? It’s available for iOS and for Android devices!

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