Are There Limits When You Hire an Escort?

  • When you hire an escort you’ll have certain expectations of the night. Here’s how to know what your limits are and how to test them.
  • Whether you go through a service to hire an escort or meet a girl at Alejandro’s bar in Panama, you’ll want to know your limits.
  • It can be hard to know what is okay. Having a sexy woman spend time with you will put all kinds of ideas in your head.
  • Here’s how to know what your limits are and how to see whether you can push those boundaries further.

Be Honest From The Beginning

  • The key to all interactions with escorts is to treat them like anyone else. People are more receptive to the truth.
  • If you tell an escort what you are looking for when you hire her, chances are you’ll get what you want. If she is uncomfortable with your request, she will know someone that can meet your needs.
  • Don’t assume anything when you hire an escort. Like any other woman, they have the right to deny your kinky requests.

Treat Your Interaction Like A Date

  • When you hire an escort, treat the interaction like you’re going on a date.
  • First, don’t show up empty-handed. Show appreciation for your escort’s time with a gift.
  • Second, show good manners. Opening doors and pulling out chairs will relax your escort. Don’t spend your time together checking your email and cellphone.
  • Striking up conversation also helps relax you and the girl. You should never start off talking about sex. Talk about yourself so they can get to know you better.
  • Don’t try to force the conversation towards sex. Let it happen in a natural way. If an escort decides she wants to go that route, trust us, you’ll know.

Feel Free To Ask Questions

  • Once you and your escort are comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Escorts understand that you’ll be nervous if this is your first time. As long as you are respectful, they will walk you through the entire process.
  • Telling someone that it is your first time using a service is a great conversation starter. By putting some of the power in the hands of the escort, you are making them feel more comfortable.
  • Ask what their expectations of the night are, and tell them yours. Make sure they understand they can tell you if they feel uncomfortable with anything. By allowing open dialogue, you’re inviting the escort to relax around you.
  • If an escort tells you to get comfortable after a conversation, you’re about to have the time of your life. Remember, always tip for great service.
Never Get Drunk Or High Before You Hire An Escort
  • If an escort shows up to meet you and you’re drunk, it’s an instant turn-off. Not only will you end up embarrassing yourself, but you’ll make her uncomfortable.
  • If you want to have a drink, ask her if she’d like one too. Don’t get upset if she declines your offer. Remember, she has no idea who you are, and her safety depends on being sober.
Only Use The Best Services
  • If you want a mind-blowing experience, only use escorts from the best companies.
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