Finding the Best Panama Escort

  • A night on the town in Panama is made even better with the right company. We’ll show you how to pick the perfect Panama escort for your needs.
  • As of 2017, prostitution is completely legal in the country of Panama. However, it is regulated, and you have to make sure you’re going about it the right way if you want a lady for the night.
  • Finding the right Panama escort is not difficult, but it can seem intimidating. For the best chance of coming across a fantastic escort for your evening, it helps to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Here are the best places to find escorts in Panama:

Hotels and Casinos

  • Many escorts frequent hotels and casinos in search of foreign travelers that are more likely to indulge themselves. The later it is in the night, the easier it will be to find an escort and the less you will likely have to pay.
  • But for the most beautiful escorts, try to show up to popular hotel bars and casinos around 10 PM, when most people are just getting their evenings started. This is the best way to find escorts that are usually working alone and are more flexible on price.

Massage Parlors

  • If you’re trying to get the pleasure of a Panama escort in the middle of the day, a massage parlor is a fantastic option. These parlors basically operate as brothels where you can get massages along with a little extra.
  • The best thing about visiting a massage parlor in Panama is that you get to choose from a variety of gorgeous women. If you still don’t see one that you like, you can always move on to the next parlor.
  • These parlors are located all around the country, but they are more ubiquitous the closer you are to major population centers.


  • Strip clubs are probably your best bet to find an escort quickly, but they don’t always come cheap. In fact, on top of the price of the escort, you will likely have to pay for entry to the club and drinks.
  • However, these clubs can be very convenient if you are looking for pleasure but don’t have a place to engage in it. Some strip clubs have rooms that are available for patrons to use. There are certain restrictions, but the use of these rooms is completely legal.
Use the Internet
  • By far the easiest way to secure an escort for your amazing night in Panama is to go online. There are a wide variety of dating services and online applications out there that will help you find the perfect escort.
  • When booking through these services, it might be somewhat difficult to negotiate a lower price. However, it’s not impossible.
Relax and Be Safe
  • The most important thing to remember is to always practice safe habits and keep your wits about you. Remember your etiquette, and if you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation, make sure you have a safe way to make it home.
Want a Panama Escort?
  • Finding an escort in Panama is simple if you know where to look. Please contact us if you have any questions about reserving the perfect escort for your Panamanian adventure!

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