What to Expect: Having Sex With a Prostitute

  • Sex with a prostitute may be intimidating at first, but remember that they’re there to please you. Here’s what you can expect for your first experience.
  • In their lifetime, nearly one in three men will pay for sex with a prostitute or escort. The first time you encounter a sex worker can be intimidating. But if you listen and communicate well, you’re sure to have a good time.
  • In places like Panama, sex with a prostitute is legal. This makes it a better situation for everyone because you don’t have to speak in innuendo or vague terms.
  • If you’re used sex in the context of a relationship or if this is your first time hiring a prostitute, here is what to expect.

Be Clear With What You Want

  • Communication is good for everyone. Aside from the actual work they perform, prostitutes are service professionals. You can’t ask a waiter to read your mind, so don’t expect a prostitute to either.
  • They will be clear with you as well. If there are certain things you like during sex, ask them before you begin. If they don’t offer those services, they will know who you can deal with.
  • If you decide to switch things up, you have to communicate. Just as eating at a restaurant isn’t an excuse to steal furniture from them, forcing a prostitute to perform an act you didn’t agree on is a violation of your terms and the law.
  • Be respectful and communicative and you’ll be sure to have a great time with whoever you hire.

Know What NOT To Expect

  • You don’t need to show up for your appointment with flowers, gifts, or a bottle of wine unless that is what you want to do. Prostitutes are professionals who are there to work for you. They don’t need a call the next morning or for you to act the right way.
  • Don’t expect any emotional attachment. This can be a good or a bad thing as we’re all only human and prone to emotions. But sex with a prostitute isn’t a promise of a relationship.
  • Just like you build a relationship with your favorite waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant, you might end up building a rapport and a friendship. This isn’t a bad thing and you might find that it’s what you need.

Safe Sex Is Good For Everyone

  • Bring protection and get tested before and after you have sex with a prostitute. Unless you’ve explicitly talked about and paid for services without protection, in some places it’s a severe violation of the law to have unprotected sex after the other person requests it.
  • Likely they’ll have condoms, dental dams, and lubricants but if there’s something you prefer, pack a couple of things in your pockets.
  • Prostitutes are professionals and take their job seriously. You have less to worry about from professional sex workers than the average person you meet in a bar.
Sex With A Prostitute Is Meant To Be Fun
  • There’s a reason it’s called “the oldest profession”. It’s a fun way to explore your sexuality without strings attached. You might even learn a thing or two!
  • To find out more about adult nightlife in Panama, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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